That’s Entertainment, 2005
Videos and stills

Oh, my God. I want to thank the academy for choosing me to be the vessel from which His blessing might flow. -Halle Berry During the Olympic games in Lake Placid the ice dancer Sarah Hughes dedicated her winning performance to the victims of Septemner 11. The French contestants in ice dance opened their routine to Mrtin Luther Kings I have a dream. A French synchronized swimteam wanted to use the music to Schindlers list (Spielberg 1993) in their routine, but here someone said no. This is the starting point for the triology Thatęs entertainment. The films show gymnasts who dance swim and do gymnastics to music and speaches. The theme being the sportindustries talent for giving the meaningless a touch of meaning, or a look at what can happen when good intentions goes astray.

-Halle Berry