Prosjektbeskrivelse - Et godt Motiv
Utstilling på RAM galleri 22. november 2012

The title of Birgitte Sigmundstad's new project takes her audience elegantly to the crux of the matter; she has made documentaries with parents, who talk about their experience of having children who work as artists.

The artists in question are from various fields - pictorial artists, musicians and actors. The good motif or the good motive of the theme is something close to us all; what are the expectations and wishes of parents when it come to the career choices of their offspring, and what happens to their special wishes for their children and their general relationship to art when children choose this career path? Sigmundstad has worked on several projects involving artistic reconstruction.

In this exhibition, she quite simply sets to work, taking an approach not taken by many. The history of art gives us countless opportunities to experience descriptions and stories about parents or couples who have worked in the field of art. But rarely do we hear the thoughts of the originators of the artists of today. In the words of Sigmundstad:
"The aim of the film is to provide a picture of how we - seen through the eyes of the parents - relate to art and artists. Where does the artistic myth stand today, and what is regarded as artistic success?"

Sigmundstad herself features in both of the exhibition's films. In one of the films, her parents proudly talk about her sister's Christmas card from the Norwegian Minister of Culture. Her sister is also an artist. The second film is a collection of interviews with the parents of a group of Norwegian artists, including the artist's mother.


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