Hammersborg Protecting the bygone future
Documentary 17 min 2016
The Odelsrett - Documentary 58 min 2015
Et godt motiv
Utstilling på RAM galleri 22. november 2012
The Collector
Film stills, 2012
Film stills and photos, 2011
A new direction
Film stills, 2011
Film still, 2011
Your ticket to the past
Film stills, 2010
Che Guevaras Rolex
Film stills, 2009
Romas Fall
Film stills, 2008
If on a winters night a traveller to Serbia
Videos and film stills, 2005 - 2006
How to explain direct action to a live rabbit
Film stills, 2008
Je veux pleurer comme Soraya
Film stills, 2008
No Title
16mm film clip and film stills, 2007
Why have there been no great female artists?
Video and film stills, 2006
Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter?
Video and film still, 2008
That’s Entertainment
3 videos and film stills, 2005
Text about 'That's Entertainment' by Tommy Olson
Public Diplomacy Uks Gallery 2006
Stills from video installation
  What we talk about when we talk about film
Documentary, 2003

Bosnia, A rough guide
Video, 2003

  Allons Enfants de la Patrie
Video and stills, 2002